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   "'Toria, look at how beautiful this gallery is!" Satoria stared at her cousin with a blank expression, an eyebrow raised.
   "Wyn, we've just entered this gallery, and you're already awestruck by it?" The brunette simply nodded and smiled softly.
   "Well, c'mon, Satoria, I want to see every single piece of artwork in this building!" She daintily skipped ahead of the other, humming while she did so. Groaning, Satoria rubbed her temples.
   "This is gonna be a long day."


   "Toria, Toria! Look at the colors on this sculpture! Ah, what wonderful choices! The colors are so vibrant, and splendid, don't you think?" Satoria opened her mouth, about to answer, but ended up getting cut off by the other. "It's called the 'Taste-Cleansing Tree. How creative!"
   Satoria continued to trudge after Wyn, who was already marveling at the next piece of artwork. Satoria, herself, had no real interest in art, and was only here because Wyn was absolutely dying to go to the famous Guertena Art Gallery for so long, and it was her birthday, so she decided to be a good relative and bring her to the gallery. I mean, surely, it wouldn't be that bad, right? Wrong. They had only been there for around 20 minutes, but nothing was sparking the stubborn thirteen year old's interest, no matter how much Wyn tried. After a while, the elder teen gave up and promised that she would bring Satoria somewhere fun the next day. As Satoria listened to the brunette's next rambling about the next piece of artwork, she suddenly got a weird feeling in her stomach. Like...something was bound to happen soon.


   As the pair walked around the area more, a certain painting caught the auburn-haired girl's attention.
   "Wyn, I'll catch up with you in a minute, okay?" Her cousin blinked her amber eyes in surprise, but nodded and walked away to the other part of the gallery. Turning her attention back to the painting, Satoria analyzed it carefully.
   "Looks kinda odd," she mumbled, and squinted at the title under the frame. "'Fabricated World.' Heh, a weird name for a weird painting. Makes sense." Just then, the lights flickered. One, two, three flickers. Then it completely went out.
   "A blackout? Seriously!?" She groaned as she stumbled around for a bit, eyes adjusting to the dimness. "Where did everybody go? Wyn, are you there?" she asked, her voice echoing around the now empty halls. She continued to walk around, growing more nervous by the second. "Hello? Anybody?" She almost screamed as the sound of echoing footsteps became clearer and clearer. Speeding up her pace, in a few moments, she found herself in front of the large, peculiar painting again.
   "Oh? There's a blue liquid on the corner behind the painting here..." As Satoria began to inspect it, little tapping noises came from behind her. She turned around and held in a yelp. On the wall across from the painting, in red, squiggly letters, it said:
        C O M E  D O W N  B E L O W
   The tall girl quickly walked away from the room, heart pounding and eyes wide. Soon, she stumbled across the "Abyss of the Deep" painting...except blue footsteps now led to it, and a section of the rope that surrounded it was gone.
   "No way....I...." With a shake of her head, Satoria swallowed her fear. "I gotta do this. It seems like the only way." She leaped into the painting, and felt herself falling, unable to scream.
                         slowly falling, only dark blue hues visible to her eyes.

   'I...can't breathe...' Her golden eyes closed, as she decided to let what might happen...well, happen.
   Her eyes slowly opened to reveal that she had ended up in a room filled with varying shades of indigo. Sighing in relief, glad that she was still alive, she decided her best bet was to continue and take a look around.


   After a while of poking around and passing rather...spine-chilling paintings, Satoria found herself in a corridor. At the end of the corridor, she spied a small table with a glass vase on top of it. In the glass vase was a vibrant salmon-colored rose that stood out from all of the shades of indigo the girl had been seeing for the much time had passed? Whatever, you get the point. After slowly approaching it, a bit mesmerized by it's beautiful color, Satoria picked it up and inhaled it's pleasant, fresh scent.
   "Six petals," she counted as she got a better look at the rose. "For some reason...

                                      I feel like I'm not alone in this place."





oh my god i procrastinated too much on this woops

yeah im so done
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Oh, it is very okay!
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Eeee Kamme you're too nice hhhhrgghh /cling
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